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Software Downloads

VAC 3.2.0 Full Install for Windows XP only.

(Open Control Panel/Speech to see if you have the Microsoft Speech Recognizer installed, if you do you do not need the VAC full install.)

The contents of VAC Full install which contains Microsoft Speech 5.1.

Formats: .zip   (40 Mb)


VAC Version 3.2.0 for:

Windows XP/Vista 32/64 bit/Windows 7, 8 & 10 32/64 bit

The contents of VAC install (does not contain Microsoft Speech 5.1).

Formats: .zip   (7.8 Mb)


What others say

Regarding SWAT4, I'm gonna be brutally honest when I say your software has almost taken the challenge right out of it. Not that it's any less fun, but you've made it possible for me to execute complex room takedowns with such speed and economy of movement it's almost like taking a lolly from my 3-year old.

I edit dissertations, each of which can be hundreds of pages long.  I make hundreds of corrections, comments, and suggestions on each dissertation revision.  Checking through revised versions to be sure the suggested changes and corrections were made previously required many tedious keystrokes and mouse-clicks.  Now, I can just say, “OK” and VAC will remove the markup where my cursor is that has been properly addressed—saved me untold hours and saved me from repetitive motion strains!  Editing papers and adding common comments has become a snap!  This software is unparalleled in how powerful it is and the ease of use.  There is a very limited learning curve—you’ll be up and running rapidly.  The software author has really thought through how the software will be used and addressed each issue.  When I found an error, the author responded exceptionally rapidly in resolving the problem.  Try it out—you’ll find it is well worth the price!

This is the software I’ve been looking for for years and now it exists!  Great stuff!

Sell Diamond